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The Regards de Provence museum honors contemporary art with the exhibition "From the collection to the workshop", whose works are selected from the fund of the Regards de Provence collection and enriched by recent creations from the 46 artists together. This exhibition claims its support for contemporary art and artists from the South of the Regards de Provence collection, some of whose works were acquired nearly 20 years ago. She stages artistic cross-references, mixing paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, poetry and videos. The collection is heading towards the studio and through this duo of works opens the field of reflection on the journey of these artists over time.
This exhibition claims its support for contemporary art in general and for artists from the South region chosen from the collection whose work and sensitivity are remarkable for their creativity. It shows the extent of the collection, the plurality of looks and techniques that compose it. It is in this context of crisis that Art must reveal its human values, as a catalyst for positive energies, as a symbol of open-mindedness, escape, social ties. This event aims to stage artistic perspectives, mixing paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, poetry and videos.
It brings together: Thierry Agnone, Alfons Alt, Ludovic Alussi, Georges Autard, Brigitte Bauer, Ben, Emmanuelle Bentz, Olivier Bernex, Vincent Bioulès, Jean-Pierre Blanche, Katia Bourdarel, Eric Bourret, Charles Camberoque, Max Charvolen, Benjamin Chasselon, Marc Chostakoff, Frédéric Clavere, Robert Combas, Cécile Delolmo Bernard, Didier D. Daarwin, Bernard De Tournadre, Philippe Domergue, Adrian Doura, Luc Dubost, Feng Ge, Piotr Klemensiewicz, Izabela Kowalczyk, Jean Le Gac, François Mezzapelle, Patrick Moquet, Stéphan Muntaner, Philippe and Claire Ordioni, ORLAN, Sylvie Pic, Serge Plagnol, Bernard Plossu, Christian Ramade, Olivier Rebufa, Georges Rousse, Nicolas Rubinstein, Jean-Jacques Surian, Michèle Sylvander, Gérard Traquandi, Aurore Valade, Claude Viallat, Gao Xingjian. The principle of the exhibition is to associate the works of the collection with recent works, in order to discover the current creative path of the artists. By placing them next to older works, we can identify any breaks, notable differences, or similarities, equivalences and possible repetitions that could be revealed there. The duo of works thus presented will open the doors to our speculation… Thus, reversing the usual path of a collection – which goes “from the work in the studio to the museum” -, the museum’s collection is heading here towards the studio , changing the usual paradigm. The Regards de Provence Foundation has built up a collection of works of art since the beginning of its creation in 1997.
It represents a set of more than 1000 works which consists of paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, covering more particularly the end from the 19th to the beginning of the 21st century. The collection is characterized by three distinct components. The first favors artistic creation that reflects the many particularities of the southern region from 1850 until the 1900s; The second part bridges the first half of the 20th century; The third part opens with contemporary works that appear in the post-war period. This collection of more than 300 works by around a hundred artists is a good illustration of the museum’s desire to take a look at the adventure of contemporary creation in Provence and the Mediterranean. The exhibition is fully in line with an approach aimed at promoting the artistic riches of the territory. The museum will endeavor to promote local creation on a regional and national scale by organizing this exhibition.
Practical information and visits to the Regards de Provence Museum
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Temporary exhibition ticket: Full Price: €6.50.
Reduced prices: €5.50 – €4.70 – €2.00.
Guided tours outside the group: entrance fee + €7 /pers. (excluding groups), Tuesday and Saturday at 3 p.m. by reservation.
Guided tours for groups: entrance fee + €7 /pers., every day by reservation.
Free guided tour except for groups on Saturday at 10:30 a.m., excluding entrance fee by reservation (6 to 25 people).
Registration by reservation at or 04 96 17 40 40

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