REGARDS CAFE facing the sea ! Discover

The Regards Café, located on the 2nd floor of the Regards de Provence Museum, is a restaurant in Mediterranean and contemporary style, resolutely modern and friendly. Its dining room, its covered terrace surrounded by bay windows and its arty and green roof terrace, offering an incomparable panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, are a beautiful gourmet and refined step in a relaxed atmosphere.
Privatized during the day or evening for private or corporate events.

Terrasse couverte Regards Café avril 2022 site

Memory of the Sanitary Station Découvrir

The Musée Regards de Provence reveals the Memory of the Sanitary Station, an electronic staging large-scale, special effects, sound, light and water play telling the story of the health system in Marseille and the Mediterranean into the architectural project designed by Fernand Pouillon.

Salle Memoire Station Sanitaire effets de lumiere bd


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