Journey to Venise – Danièle Ohnheiser

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From December 14, 2022 to May 7, 2023, the exhibition “Voyage à Venise – Danièle Ohnheiser” is a walk in Venice through the prism of the watercolourist, landscape architect, Danièle Ohnheiser, who reviewed the experiences of traveling painters. She picks up, with a contemporary eye, the sublime and irreplaceable atmospheres, which are realized only in places of this nature. The evocative Intensity of the design and the technique reveals a refined sense of the colors, which is naturally combined with the indisputable modernity of the geometry of the composition. She succeeded perfectly in purifying the image of Venice from the unctuous, unreliable tones that would have it crystallized in a place and time without memory, on the verge of legend.

Very free in the choice of subjects, she focuses as much on a majestic palace as on a well-lit trefoil window, on a breakaway between two bridges, a worm-eaten door or on a small colonnade half sunk in the Grand Canal. Thus are highlighted the details of a city that certainly is no longer that of its grandeur, but which still belongs to those who love beauty, and who, by searching a little, can rediscover the mysterious silence of so many of its corners. Daniele Ohnheiser also painted Rome, Florence or Naples and participated in exhibitions in France and abroad. She has received numerous prizes, in this case that of the Public for a watercolor of Naples, during the exhibition of the International Competition for Artistic Creation in 2003 organized by the Regards de Provence Foundation at Château Borély.
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