Colors route at Cotignac

From 19 June to 30 September 2016, the Musée Regards de Provence presents the exhibition “Colors Route”, revealing forty paintings, photographs and sculptures from the collection of the Foundation Regards de Provence, for the inauguration of the new Art Centre La Falaise, at Cotignac.

The exhibition “Colors Route” highlights the Provence and Var coasts, ports, cliffs, islands, Mediterranean vegetation, the hinterland and rural activitiesy. Between tradition and modernity, on the edge of the twentieth century, the color is always the first topic as we approach the Fauve period. The pictorial translation is more fragmented, color freeing the line puts its touch as designation of form. The modern landscape pursuing its aesthetic conquest.

The combined artists like Bioulès, Camoin, Caesar, Chabaud, Courdouan, Dubost, Guillaumin, Kisling, Moquet, Moutte Olive Peske, Plossu Seyssaud, Sosno, Surian, Valtat, were able to reproduce the magic of light and give life to beautiful sceneries, playing contrasts between minerality and blue water or sky. These compositions show a wild and solitary nature and genre scenes, reviving the impression of a good life in Provence. Between past and present, these antonyms sum up the spirit of the collection Regards de Provence, with nearly 900 works.

The approach of the Canadian founders and patrons of the Centre d’Art la Falaise, whose mission are to preserve and enhance the architectural heritage and influence of South Arts, joined the philanthropic values ​​and aestheticisms of the Foundation Regards de Provence.

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