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Affiche Titre La Collection 25 Ans

The Collection – Its 25 years

The artists translate what they experience, attesting to the beauty and diversity of the territory, each experimenting with his pictorial practice, whether academic, post-impressionist, symbolist, fauvist, resulting in spontaneous, clear and luminous painting. The landscape played a key role in …

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Sea Views

The Regards de Provence Museum presents the exhibition “Sea Views” which brings together 25 contemporary painters, photographers, sculptors and videographers from the South Region, who have illustrated the sea, the shores, the coastline, the beaches and seaside activities. sea. Through …


Lucien Jacques, the dowser of Giono / Exhibition Mucem Co-production

The Regards de Provence Museum co-produces with the Mucem the monographic exhibition dedicated to Lucien Jacques, concomitant with the “Giono” exhibition at the Mucem, revealing the multiple facets of a multidisciplinary artist, often mentioned as the discoverer of Jean Giono. …